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Graphene Industries is a spin-out company incorporated in March 2007 to capitalise on the advances made by Professor Andre Geim's research group at Manchester University. We were the first commercial supplier of graphene in the quantities and formats required for micro- and nanoelectronic fabrication and research. Although none of the Manchester academic staff is involved in the company, the benefits of sharing the same locality and everyday interaction ensure that Graphene Industries are aware of the latest developments in graphene technology so that our customers receive samples of the same quality as the Manchester group, which is second to none.


Since the demonstration of the electric field effect in graphene films (Electric Field Effect in atomically thin carbon films, Novoselov et al. Science 22 2004: 666-669) many other unique properties of this material have been discovered, including the relativistic behaviour of charge carriers in graphene and a new kind of Quantum Hall Effect in mono- and bilayers (Two-dimensional gas of massless Dirac fermions in graphene, Novoselov et al. Nature 438 2005: 197-200, Unconventional quantum Hall effect and Berry's phase of 2π in bilayer graphene, Novoselov et al. Nature Physics 2 2006: 177-180). The stability and crystal quality of graphene and 2D crystals of other materials including metal dichalcogenides, boron nitride and complex oxides has also been demonstrated (Two dimensional atomic crystals, Novoselov et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 102 2005: 10451-10453) , and most recently free standing graphene monolayers (Nature, accepted 10 Jan.)


Almost all our production is carried out in the Manchester Centre for Mesoscience and Nanotechnology. Graphene flakes, membranes and devices are produced under class 100 cleanroom conditions. We use extensive facilities for characterising graphene flakes and microfabricating devices from them, including:

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